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Boudoir Photography Birmingham & Bridal Boudoir Photography

An Empowering, Liberating and Confidence Boosting Experience. You’ll Feel Great & Look Amazing. A Beautiful New You Seeing Yourself as Others See You.


Beautiful Boudoir Photography, Bridal Boudoir & Awesome Little Black Books” by one of the Midlands Best Boudoir Photographers.

We book Three Bespoke Boudoir Photoshoots a week at our Private Studio. To maximise our Creativity and Passion


Enjoy Our Boudoir Photography Styles and Galleries. Please Take a Look at our Testimonials and Our Five Star Google reviews

We are closed throughout December and are NOW Booking Into October & November ’22

Birmingham Boudoir Photographer

Only Boudoir

You’ll love our relaxed, luxury, high-end Boudoir Photography Birmingham. Enjoy our renowned friendly service at “Only Boudoir”  in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. We only work with one client per day so you receive our total attention for your Boudoir photography or Bridal Boudoir photography experience.

Beautiful Boudoir

Our Personalised ” Only Boudoir Photography Gift Vouchers” are perfect for Birthday’s and Anniversaries or just a great way to say “I LOVE YOU.” We post or email the same day! Our Buy what you love Gift Vouchers are JUST £50.00 and include £50 credit towards print selections  & there is NO hard sell either.

You In A NEW Light

With our Buy What You Love Boudoir Photography. You will enjoy a transformative and empowering photoshoot with one of Birmingham’s best Boudoir Photographers. While also receiving a huge confidence boost. See our fantastic 5 star Google Reviews & our main facebook page  …. then talk to Jane Southall.

The Only Boudoir Boudoir Photography Experience

By Sammy Southall One of the UK’s Most Experienced Boudoir Photographers

Why are we so passionate about Boudoir?

We all just love seeing the incredible, almost instant changes that our Boudoir Photography can bring about. We love watching ladies grow in confidence throughout their shoot as they find a new inner self, as we are able to show them just how beautiful they really are, often for the first time and let them see how other people see them. We have been specialising in Boudoir since 2005. We were one of the first UK Boudoir Photographers and are now certainly recognised as one of the best.

Our small highly experienced team loves helping ladies feel fabulous about themselves, watching their confidence grow and providing this empowering and liberating experience.

We regularly work with clients from all over Birmingham the midlands and UK Boudoir Photography UK

Birmingham Boudoir Photographer

We believe Boudoir Photography
is for every woman

We believe Boudoir photography
is for all ages, shapes and sizes

We believe that every woman is beautiful
and that we will bring out that beauty

We believe that every woman should
experience this empowering photoshoot

We believe that Boudoir photography is
the ultimate celebration of femininity

A Fresh and Natural Boudoir Photography look in Birmingham | West Midlands | Worcestershire
Birmingham Boudoir Photographer styles

So what happens on Boudoir Day? After a warm welcome, we will have a chat to plan your shoot, choose your clothes. discuss your makeup and hairstyle and find out exactly what you would like to take away from your boudoir shoot. We have lots of options from prints and USB sticks to our Little Black Books and a range of Beautiful hardbacked Coffee Table Books, Wall Art and canvas prints of all sizes.

Then it’s off into makeup and hair, this is a wonderful transformational experience. We have a fully qualified, highly experienced and professional photographic makeup artist and hairstylist, Kay Louise who has worked with us now for many years. She will explain exactly what she is doing and why and give you a few makeup tips on the way.

Your boudoir photoshoot with our friendly and highly experienced photographer Sammy Southall will be relaxed and fun, it takes up to 2 hours including outfit changes and includes easy to follow head to toe direction. If you have examples of images you’ve seen that you would like us to try and recreate with you, we would love to see them, they will help you convey exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry if you would prefer to leave it up to us that’s fine too, we have mood boards here to help you select your favourite boudoir styles.

Boudoir Photography Birmingham A Perfect Treat & Confidence Boost at ANY Time of Year.

It also the Ideal Sexy Birthday Present or Anniversary Gift.

Our well known and popular Boudoir Photography Studio is based in Kidderminster Worcestershire and is perfect for clients seeking Boudoir Photography Birmingham, West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire. We shoot Boudoir virtually every week of the year, and only ever with one client a day so we can concentrate solely on you. Recently we have added our light and bright boudoir style to our popular dark and sultry styles, and range of Vintage Glamour,  Hollywood Style or Burlesque Boudoir portraits. If you have a special theme you’d like to try you just have to ask.

Boudoir photography Birmingham offers a massive confidence boost for ladies of all ages, sizes and body shapes. Our team here at ” Only Boudoir ” can help you create the perfect ” Little Black Book ” photo album gift for your Husband, Boyfriend or Partner. Please book in early if you want to create a special gift for your wedding day, Christmas present or Valentines Day as spaces are limited and go quickly.

Birmingham Boudoir Photographer styles

Gentlemen if you are looking for a truly transformational experience for the love of your life so she can see herself as you see her there is nothing more empowering and confidence-boosting than a boudoir shoot with us.  Our Boudoir Photography Birmingham Gift Certificates will create a set of amazing images which you will both want to treasure forever. We have Personalised Boudoir Gift Certificates starting from £50.00 for our ” Buy What You Love ” sessions or Boudoir Selection Gift Certificates from £395 for Luxury wall art,  Little Black books, Fine Art Prints, Image USB’s.

Our Couples Boudoir Photoshoots are also very popular! Over the last few years, we have shot lots of Couples Boudoir Shoots, 40’s and 50’s Vintage Glamour Sessions and Hollywood style boudoir photography, we also create stunning bespoke Fetish Boudoir Shoots we always love to hear your ideas and are happy to accommodate more risqué boudoir shoots, just ask. We offer a choice of light, bright and romantic boudoir styles our or our Original Sensual, Dark and Sultry styles.

Call Jane today to book your Boudoir Shoot or for our Personalised Boudoir Photography Gift Certificates

For fitness and Physique Photography Photoshoots  please see our My Physique Photographer website for a selection of Physique Photography shoots.

Bridal Boudoir Photgrapher Birmingham | West Midlands | Worcestershire

Our Only BoudoirBuy What You Love ” Photo Shoots and Boudoir Photography Gift Vouchers start at £50.00 and are the perfect way to enjoy this intimate photoshoot for yourself or as a special gift to your partner. Your Only Boudoir experience includes your personalised boudoir consultation where we discuss lingerie and image ideas with Jane Southall. Professional makeup and dry hair styling by our award-winning makeup artist Kay Louise who will also be with you throughout the shoot helping with hair, makeup, styling and posing. Our bespoke two-hour fully directed “Only Boudoir” studio session by Sammy Southall one of the Midland’s most experienced and well-known boudoir photographers with up to 3 lingerie changes. We will be shooting to show you between 80 and 100 fabulous images.  After a short break, you will then be able to enjoy your relaxed VIP viewing session when you will see a video presentation of all your amazing pictures and can choose all your favourites.

We also include £50 credit towards any of our Boudoir Albums, Little Black Books or Wall art selections and a complimentary mounted print.

Read more about our experience here

All images on our site are of genuine clients who we kindly thank for allowing us to show their special pictures

Our incredible £50.00 ” Buy What you Love” boudoir shoot is risk-free. Most people who choose us as their Boudoir Photographers find that they love their pictures and typically spend between £395 and £995 pounds on their final orders. We have a wide variety of “Little Black Books” Framed or Canvas Wall Art and Digital selections.

Sexy Boudoir Photography Birmingham | West Midlands | Worcestershire

Boudoir Photography Birmingham, Bridal Boudoir Birmingham

Luxury Boudoir Photography to make you look and feel fantastic

Here at ” Only Boudoir ” not surprisingly we are all about Boudoir Photography, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Sensual and Sexy Boudoir brought to you by Sammy Southall Photography of Kidderminster. We are Sam and Jane Southall. We have a very relaxed and friendly approach, a professional and versatile photographic boudoir studio, a superb makeup artist and hairstylist Kay Louise Makeup of Worcester, a designated makeover suite and a VIP viewing room all built at our lovely home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. We have had clients visit us from all over the UK but mostly we see ladies and couples from Birmingham, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire.

Over the last 20 years, we have taken many special discreet shoots for ladies wanting a special treat and wonderful images for themselves or their partners. This sexy and glamorous style of photography has quickly grown in popularity and is known as Boudoir Photography, Bridal Boudoir or Sensual Boudoir Portraits.

We have been shooting Boudoir since 2005. Over the years we have also seen a huge increase in demand for our Boudoir photography from ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes wanting to celebrate themselves and give themself a big confidence boost. From Brides to be wanting a unique gift to give their husband on their wedding day, from girlfriends and wives looking for a special intimate present for their partners, such as a ” Little black book” boudoir album of sensual, sexy and intimate images or for a special luxury Coffee table boudoir book, a stunning framed image or canvas for the wall.

In the last few years, we have also seen more requests for ” Couples Boudoir Photography ” and we have created some strong, striking, sexy and sensual couples boudoir images often with just hints of your man being on show. Call Jane with any ideas you have and we will be happy to create something unique for you.

Following Gok Wan’s ” How to Look Good Naked ” TV show ladies of all ages have definitely become more adventurous and keen to try out this liberating photographic style. So here is your chance to Celebrate YOU – its great fun, a huge confidence boost, an empowering and liberating experience which will make you feel great about yourself.


Boudoir Coffee Table Albums

Beautiful Boudoir Books from Only Boudoir

  • Fully designed by us and presented in a beautiful box
  • Finished fabulously in hardback and glossy pages
  • A Choice of 25, 35 or 45 keepsake photographs
  • All images airbrushed to perfection
  • Digital images of the whole shoot at a screen resolution
  • A wonderful video slideshow of the entire shoot
  • Video can be shared on ipads and iphones and smartphones
Birmingham Boudoir Photographer styles

Here is what we offer at Only Boudoir, Boudoir Photography, Sexy boudoir, Sensual photography, Sensual portraits, Sexy photography for women, Sexy Couples Boudoir, Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire,  Gloucestershire, Kidderminster, All brought to you by Sammy Southall Photography


50 Shades of Boudoir

Ever since the 50 shades of grey books and films came out we have had ladies asking to add in a few special ” 50 shades inspired ” shots into their boudoir shoot. We are always happy to create any fetish images or ” 50 Shades inspired fetish style shots” during your sensual boudoir session or we can offer a full 50 Shades Style Fetish Boudoir photoshoot in Birmingham, West Midlands Worcestershire. We will as always put you totally at ease and you will have fun creating your fantasy images, we ensure your images will be arty and tasteful. We can offer a full hour and a half ” Fifty Shades Boudoir Photography experience ” or have just a few shots at the end of your shoot – it’s entirely up to you. We have a range of blindfolds, cuffs, ropes, chains and collars and of course, you are more than welcome to bring along any extra props you fancy using in your shoot. Also, see our popular Boudoir and Tattoos style shots.

Take a look inside our Birmingham Boudoir Photography studio

Beautiful Boudoir Photography To Treasure Forever.

Boudoir Photographer Birmingham based in Kidderminster Worcestershire

Your Birmingham Boudoir Photography Viewing

We pretty much aim to ensure you have the same-day viewing. You will be able to see all the wonderful results from your shoot in our comfortable VIP viewing room with our BIG screen monitor that really shows the quality of your images. Usually, we will have produced a music video of all your best shots, and we will have selected your best 80 to 100 pictures. We then go through them with you to narrow them down to the ones you really love.

We can show you your images in subtle sepia, colour, black and white etc. We will also show you how your shots will look after our light and natural airbrush smooths away any blemishes and the greater impact that can be brought to an image through cropping. The whole Birmingham Boudoir Photography experience usually takes around 4 hours. You are welcome to bring a partner or a friend with you and you are welcome to have them join you on some of the shots. Or you may just to have them join you for the viewing session unless of course, it is a surprise for them.

Some of Our Popular Only Boudoir Selections


Option One – My Favourite Pictures, Includes the consultation, full make-up and hair styling, a two hour photo shoot the VIP viewing and your choice of five 9″ x 6″ deluxe mounted prints all fully retouched and airbrushed. All this is just £395 –  Includes a Full Shoot Screen Res USB Stick  Upgrade to a printable USB Stick with our “Only Boudoir Light Retouch” @ £200 

Option Two – Boudoir Digital – Includes the consultation, full make-up and hair styling, a two-hour photo shoot the VIP viewing and all your images from the session with our Only Boudoir Light retouch on a screen res USB Stick and your favourite five images, fully retouched and at full printable size Just £395 – Upgrade to a Printable USB Stick of All the images from the shoot with the Only Boudoir Light Retouch @ £200.

Option Three – Boudoir Wall Art – Includes the consultation, full make-up and hair styling, a two-hour photo shoot the viewing and your favourite image as a 20″ x 16″ lacquered Canvas or Framed Wall Art, fully hand retouched and ready to hang plus 1  9″ x 6″ image in deluxe mount and complete Screen Res USB Stick of the shoot for Just £495 – Upgrade to Printable USB Stick with All the images from the shoot with the Only Boudoir Light Retouch @£200. 

Option FourLittle Black Book – Includes the consultation, full make-up and hair styling, a two hour shoot the viewing and your choice of Twelve 9″x 6″ prints all fully retouched and airbrushed and presented in a lovely boxed, book-bound album. All this and a screen res USB Stick of the full shoot is Just £595 – Upgrade to a Printable USB Stick of all the images from the shoot with the Only Boudoir Light Retouch at £200. 

Larger Size Boudoir Albums and a Huge Variety of Framed Wall Art Are Available

Please Call Jane on 01562 747612 with any questions regarding availability and our latest deals

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