What Happens At A Boudoir Shoot

Once You Try A Boudoir Shoot You’ll Be So Glad You Did

So what happens on Boudoir Day? After a warm welcome, we will have a chat to make a plan for your shoot and choose your clothes. Kay Louise our amazing make-up artist will discuss your makeup and hairstyle and we will find out exactly what you would like to take away from your boudoir shoot.

We have lots of options from prints and USB sticks to a range of Beautiful Hardbacked “Little Black Books”, Wall Art and canvas prints of all sizes.

Then it’s off into makeup and hair, this is a wonderful transformational experience. We are very fortunate to have the award-winning Kay Louise a qualified, highly experienced and professional photographic makeup artist and hairstylist as part of our team.  Kay has worked with us now for many years. She will explain exactly what she is doing and give you a few makeup tips on the way.

Your boudoir photo shoot with our friendly and highly experienced photographer Sammy Southall will be relaxed and fun, it takes up to 2 hours including outfit changes and includes easy-to-follow head-to-toe directions. If you have examples of images you’ve seen that you would like us to try and recreate with you, we would love to see them, they will help you convey exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry if you would prefer to leave it up to us that’s fine too, we have mood boards here to help you select your favourite boudoir styles.

Same Day VIP Viewing

During your boudoir shoot, Jane will be editing and working on your images ready for your video slideshow and viewing. Once your shoot is over you’ll have a short break and a drink. By the time you have packed away your clothes and caught your breath, it will be time to see your images.

After your shoot is over we are super excited to be able to share your images with you in our comfortable VIP viewing lounge.
You will first get to see your images set to music in a fabulous video slideshow which many people have said they found emotional, empowering and very exciting in equal measure.
In your viewing, you get the chance to see YOU as you should be seen. A lot of our ladies have described this occasion as the best thing ever which makes us super proud. After the video, we have a slower look through all your images when you can pick out your favourite pictures to turn into hand-finished mounted prints, Wall Art Framed Images, Canvass pictures or the incredibly popular ” Little Black Books “

At your viewing, you will be able to see all the wonderful results from your shoot in our comfortable VIP viewing room with our BIG screen monitor that really shows the quality of your images. We will have produced a music video of all your best shots, and we will have selected your best 80 to 100 pictures. All images are created in colour but can be easily changed into classic and timeless Black and White or Sepia images.  We will then go through them with you and help you to narrow them down to the ones you really love.

We will also show you how your shots will look after our light and natural airbrush smooths away any blemishes and also how the impact of some pictures can be improved through tighter cropping. Your whole Birmingham Boudoir Photography experience usually takes between 4 and 5 hours. You are welcome to bring a partner or a friend with you and you are welcome to have them join you on some of the shots.


Our well-known and popular Boudoir Photography Studio is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire and is perfect for clients looking for a top-class Boudoir Photographer in Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire or Shropshire. We take Boudoir bookings for three weeks each month and three days each week and only ever with one client a day so we can concentrate solely on you.

Recently we have added our Light and Bright boudoir style to our ever-popular Dark and Sultry styles, Fetish Styles, Vintage Glamour, Hollywood Style or Burlesque Boudoir portraits.

If you have a special theme or ideas you’d like to try you just have to ask.

Our Boudoir photography offers a massive confidence boost for ladies of all ages, sizes and body shapes. Our team here at ” Only Boudoir ” can help you create the perfect gift for your Husband, Boyfriend or Partner.

Please book in early if you want to create a special gift for your Wedding day, Christmas present or Valentine’s Day as spaces are limited and do get booked up quickly.