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Our Boudoir Shoots Will Help You Embrace the Magic That Lies Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Boudoir Photography Styles UK

Our most popular boudoir photography styles. Dark and Sultry Boudoir Photography Style, the original sexy boudoir photography with a touch of mystery. Our Light and Bright Boudoir Style Photography offers a natural, fresh and teasing feel to the images. Curvy Boudoir Photography Style is all about embracing your beautiful shape with top to toe posing that captures you as you should be seen. Bridal Boudoir Photography Style we create for you the perfect wedding morning or wedding night gift. A sexy and sensual set of images with veil, flowers and the wedding night lingerie. Tattoo Boudoir Photography Style capturing your important “ink” with amazing lighting and subtle posing. Fetish Boudoir Photography Since the release of the ” 50 Shades of Grey ” films we have been regularly asked to create bespoke fetish boudoir shoots.

Dark and Sultry Boudoir Photography Styles UK

Dark and Sultry Boudoir Photography Style – Mysterious, sexy, teasing and sensual styles of extremely flattering photography. This was the original style of Boudoir Photography which came from a fusion of Art House, fine art and French Film Noir influences, often mixed with some of those 50’s Hollywood style film actress promotional shots.

Light and Bright Boudoir Photography Styles UK

Light & Bright Boudoir Photography Style – This is a natural and authentic style which offers a super soft and fresh feel to the shots – a shabby chic set with modern French wood-panelled walls, voiles, nets a chaise longe and soft hints of the bedroom.

Curvy Plus size Boudoir Photography Styles UK

Our Curvy Boudoir Photography Style – the style speaks for itself really, we work with lovely ladies of all ages and sizes. We create powerful elegant boudoir photography and will prove to you that you don’t have to be a celebrity to feel like one. We believe every woman is beautiful and we will bring out that sexy side of you wherever its hiding. Don’t keep waiting till you get to your best shape or until you reach some supposed perfect weight. We know all the best poses, angles and tips to ensure you have lots of amazing images to treasure forever.

Bridal Boudoir Photography Styles UK

Our Bridal Boudoir Photography Style – This is a firm favourite and has been for years. The shoot is usually designed around creating a little black book ( or a little white book ) to give as a gift to your groom on the wedding day. Incorporating the wedding night lingerie, flowers the engagement ring and veils.


Fetish Style Boudoir Photography – We have never been shocked, yet!! lots and lots of ladies ask to incorporate a little bit of this style into their dark and sultry shoots and regularly bring along a few props of their own. BUT worry not, we have lots of cuffs, chains, ropes and blindfolds if you would like to explore your dark and kinky side.  Over the years many have been asked for and have created a wide variety of BDSM – Fetish style shoots for ladies and couples who want to capture some intimate moments. If you want something more revealing and provocative and are shy to explain what you want just email us some examples of the type of images you would like to create. We are going to be pretty comfortable with most, safe and consensual fetish styles.

tattoo-boudoir-photography west Midlands

Tattoo Boudoir Photography Style – A lot of ladies that have had a boudoir shoot with us have had the odd tattoo or two that they would like to feature in their shoot. Some have simply used their bodies as a canvas and have had lots of tattoos all over. We love creating dramatic, artful, edgy and grungy tattoo boudoir imagery and are always keen to explore your ideas and bring them to life.

So as you can see there are lots of different Boudoir photography Styles UK to choose from. The boudoir photography styles that we are frequently asked for are all shown here. We also offer couples boudoir photography, as well as fetish boudoir shoots or tattoo boudoir shoots for couples. The original Dark and Sultry Boudoir Photography style is still our most popular and most requested, offering dark and sensual images with a touch of mystery.

Our Light and Bright Boudoir Photography Style creates a natural, fresh and teasing feel to the shots. It is popular with all ages and lends itself well to bridal boudoir images. We have been shooting Bridal Boudoir Photography for over 15 years and we can create the perfect wedding morning or wedding night gift for your groom. This is a sexy and sensual set of images often with a veil your wedding shoes and the wedding night lingerie.

Curvy Style Boudoir Photography, this style speaks for itself we have lots of lighting ideas and posing tips to help ensure you look amazing whatever your size and whatever style you choose. You do not have to put off enjoying this truly life-changing photo shoot until you are in the right shape or size. We will make you look and feel wonderful about your curves. We are experts at helping you pose while we create and shoot from the most flattering angles. No matter what the sales say let us show you that you are beautiful just as you are. This really is for ladies of every age and every size.

Tattoo Boudoir came about after we shot a lot of ladies for a national Tattoo Photography competition. Once we began showing some of our tattoo shots on the site we have had numerous ladies wanting to capture amazing sexy images of their ink.

The Fetish Boudoir Photography Style was undoubtedly given a massive boost after the release of the ” 50 Shades ” trilogy of books and films. Since that time we have been regularly asked to create bespoke fetish boudoir shoots for ladies wanting to capture their kinkier side or couples wanting to create some powerful BDSM style intimate moments.

A few fetish style shots are also the most requested add on style to our dark and sultry shoots with many ladies bringing handcuffs, blindfolds and floggers with them to their shoots ( just in case they are brave enough !! )