Boudoir Photography Gloucestershire

Maybe it was originally because we one of the first studios to offer a true boudoir photography experience or maybe it was the style, emotion and quality of your Boudoir photography that has attracted people from all over to visit our lovely little studio in Kidderminster. Over the years we have quite a few ladies who have made the short trip up the M5 from Gloucestershire and Cheltenham to find us, and something that never ceases to surprise us is how much research ladies will do before they even pick up the phone. We realise that for most ( but not all ) woman having a Boudoir Photography Shoot is an important decision and will find themselves a little way out of their usual comfort zone and having to pluck up the courage to get in touch.

What everyone has found is that Jane, Bev ( Our makeup artist and hairstylist ) and myself are very easy to get along will – we will all be doing everything we can from the moment you call us to put you at your ease, relax you and build your confidence to get the best from your Boudoir Photography experience. So relax and let us make the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable for you from start to finish. Take a deep breath, just pick up the phone and call Jane who will gently guide you through the whole experience and put any doubts and fears to rest so that you can look forward to a wonderful Boudoir Photography session and some fantastic results at the end of it. If you are from Gloucestershire or Cheltenham you will find that our studio is less than an hours drive away and we are sure you will find that we were well worth the trip.

We are not far away and it is a wonderful half day or day out treat so if you are looking for high-end boudoir photography and you live in Cheltenham, Gloucester or Gloucestershire just give us a call and give yourself a real treat to a selection of the finest boudoir photography available.