Boudoir Photography Worcestershire

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Here at Only Boudoir, the Worcestershire Boudoir Photographers with Sammy Southall we have been offering our fabulous, sensual and exciting Boudoir Photography since 2005. In 2023 we celebrated our 25th year as professional photographers at our wonderful, relaxed top quality studio. Though Sammy Southall has been a full-time Worcestershire boudoir photographer for the last 18 years he has been photographing women beautifully for almost 40 years and will quickly put you at your ease..

We have created wonderful, sensual and intimate imagery for clients from Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley and all over Worcestershire regularly throughout all this time and our small team has a world of experience to help get the very best from every age and shape and size of a lady.

We are not a production line and every Boudoir Photography Photoshoot is bespoke and tailored to create the very best images of you, that you have ever seen. Take a look at some of our latest shots in our BOUDOIR GALLERY These are all clients, who have very kindly let us share their special images which they are so proud of – This style of photoshoot really is the ultimate confidence boost.

We first saw Boudoir Photography becoming getting popular in the USA and Canada around 2004 when west coast photographers were starting to get more requests for this seductive and sensual photographic style. Attitudes and desires here in the UK have changed so much even since the millennium and we are seeing ladies becoming far more outgoing and confident and wanting to celebrate themselves and push their boundaries a little.

Here at Only Boudoir with our Boudoir Photography Worcestershire we have taken fabulous images of ladies of all ages, shapes and sizes. There is nothing to hold anyone back from enjoying this empowering, liberating and life-transforming Boudoir Photography shoot. You can be as covered or as uncovered as you feel comfortable with – we show you lots of possibilities before we start the shoot and find out exactly what sorts of styles you like.

The team is made up of husband and wife team Sam & Jane Southall and our fabulous makeup artist and hairstylist Kay Louise of Worcester. Kay will also be with you right throughout your shoot to help you create the style, poses and expressions that will be the most flattering for you.

We have a wonderful relaxed and comfortable studio environment set up beautifully for Boudoir Photography Worcestershire and while there may be a few nerves, to begin with, in next to no time you will be enjoying the whole experience. We offer a wide range of packages and selections and are pleased to create our take on images you have seen and would like to create for yourself. Our Little Black Boudoir books are printed with the highest quality digital technology by our partners in Germany and will thrill and delight for a lifetime.

When you want the best and most experienced Worcestershire Boudoir Photographer call the team at Only Boudoir on 07967 716713 – you will not be disappointed. We promise.