Boudoir Photographer Staffordshire

If you are looking for a top-class Boudoir Photographer Staffordshire, you are in just the right place. I am Sammy Southall of “Only Boudoir ” We are one of the finest boudoir photographers in easy reach of Staffoed and Staffordshire. We have over 18 years of experience of shooting distinctive boudoir photography. Ladies from Staffordshire frequently choose us as their boudoir photographers when they want to reconnect with their bodies, fall in love with themselves again, feel more confident and empowered and create some beautiful lasting memories.

Boudoir photography is getting more and more popular, particularly with ladies from 30 to 60. We are a body-positive studio and create fine art boudoir photography for ladies of every shape and size.

We have lots of styles to choose from and every shoot is bespoke for you and designed to flatter all the bits that you love most.

Pictures can be in colour but many ladies prefer black and white with our body sculpting lighting on their boudoir photography photoshoot.

You bring your favourite lingerie to your Staffordshire boudoir photoshoot at our safe and secure studio in Kidderminster. We have lots of drapes as well for a fine art boudoir look.

Some ladies bring flowers, musical instruments and other toys and props to their photoshoot and Jane Southall will talk you through all the preparations to make the day become a complete breeze.

At your Staffordshire boudoir photoshoot, you will be well and truly pampered by Kay Louise our award-winning and highly experienced makeup artist who will look after your makeup and hair and be with you helping with posing throughout your shoot.

A Staffordshire boudoir photoshoot by only Boudoir is an empowering and confidence-boosting affair and while there may be a few nerves beforehand they will quickly disappear on the day.

We are very creative with light arranging every picture to be the most flattering for you before taking the shots. Many ladies enjoy getting ready and choosing their lingerie for their Staffordshire boudoir photography session.

We take lots of boudoir images to choose from for a little black book a piece of amazing wall art or one of our print and digital packages. We take all your best angles, half body and closer up to capture you at your best. Most ladies choose lingerie, stockings and high heels and see-through items for their Staffordshire boudoir photography photoshoot as well as the popular white shirt and white sheet looks and veils in the case of Bridal Boudoir.

So if you are  in Staffordshire and are searching for the right boudoir photographer for your special boudoir shoot just make that move, pick up the phone and call Jane Southall on 01562 747612 or 07967 716713  and let her tell you all about the many ways we are here to help