Only Boudoir White Sheet Sessions

Here at Only Boudoir we are constantly evolving and are once again offering our own special take on Romantic and delicate light and bright ” White Sheet Session ” Boudoir Photography. Book one of these sessions soon to create a special present which will last a lifetime for that special someone in your life, ideal for anniversaries, bridal boudoir, birthdays or Christmas.

Gentlemen, we also create personalised Only Boudoir Gift Vouchers just give us a call and we will talk you through all the various Gift Experience Voucher options from £50.00 to £750. It is the thoughtful special sexy gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. We quickly build trust and confidence with our clients with our fabulous make-up artist creating wonderful look for the shoot and staying with our ladies helping them follow the head to toe direction to create the most stunning of images.

Call Jane on 01562 747612 for details NOW and ask about our latest light and bright Boudoir Photo sessions.

5o Shades Inspired Boudoir

Fifty Shades of Grey Boudoir Photography

The phenomenon which has been Fifty Shades of Grey has been something lot’s of our clients have been talking about these last few years and they have said that they and all their friends have read all the books in the fabulously successful “Fifty Shades of Grey” Trilogy and have been comparing notes.

We have also had quite a lot of ladies who have wanted to add more than a few ” Fifty Shades of Grey” inspired shots into their Boudoir sessions – often towards the end of their shoot when they had become completely relaxed, comfortable and confident with us and then they mentioned they would love a few 50 shades style shots for their man.

So if you fancy including some fetish style ” 50 shade style shots ” with blindfolds, Handcuffs, Wrist cuffs, some lovely soft black or red rope, some silk and lace restraints there is no longer any need to feel shy, as E L James book has become the best selling book in Britain since records began, you certainly will not be alone in asking to include some bondage or fetish style shots into your Boudoir session.

We will use wonderful soft and sensual lighting and can even create fantastic fantasy “Fifty Shades” wall art. So let us help you push your boundaries and get exactly what you want.


Fifty Shades of Grey Boudoir Photography

So if you would like a 50 Shades of Grey Fetish Boudoir photoshoot In Birmingham, West Midlands Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Mid-Wales Gloucestershire or Shropshire we are just a call away. Some ladies bring their own blindfolds, masks paddles and crops handcuffs etc or you are more than welcome to use ours. First, on the day of your shoot there is a pre-shoot consultation about clothes, makeup hairstyling and the style and content of the images you would like to create.

It is very helpful if you can create a Pinterest mood board of the shots you would like to make your own and we can see clearly what you would like to achieve. Kay Louise your makeup artist will be with you throughout your shoot to help with hair makeup cuffs and chains!! you will have an amazing one and a half-hour photoshoot and with our introductory offer, you get your VIP viewing a 7″ x 5″ desk Image and £50 credit toward any of our Only Boudoir Digital, Album or wall art selections.

We will always put you at ease and make sure you are relaxed, comfortable and that you are having lots of fun when creating your fantasy images. You can choose a full ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” Boudoir Photography shoot or this style can be an add on as an extra element to our contemporary Boudoir Style Shoots or can have just a few shots at the end of your shoot – it’s entirely up to you.

We have a wide range of blindfolds, cuffs, ropes, chains and collars and of course, you are more than welcome to bring along any extra props you fancy us using to photography you with.

So here we go, call Jane Southall today ( don’t put it off any longer ) making that call will be easier than you think when you start chatting with Jane, she is passionate about our Boudoir Photography and will be able to quickly put you at your ease and let you know how easy the whole process can be. You will find these shoots to be so empowering an amazing boost to your confidence and a real joy to look back on.

5o Shades Inspired Boudoir

Fifty Shades of Grey Boudoir shoots

So you’re a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, We were too….. We have always had ladies asking for a few ” naughtier ” or fetish style shots at the end of their sensual and glamorous boudoir photography shoots. But…  since the advent of the 50 shades of Grey books and films we have had many more requests for these style of shots. We are happy to help… some ladies bring along their own, masks, blindfolds, paddles, handcuffs, leather cuffs, whips and floggers and ask if they could have a few shots with them. Others have seen a few shots on our website and we have lots of props here for you – It’s an extra bit of fun to produce some superb fantasy shots and we can incorporate as much of these types of shots in your shoot as you like.

We strive to create a fine art feel to our fetish style shots depicting a variety of dominant or submissive looks, often in black and white or sepia, but also in colour too. We have also been able to create some terrific 50 shades inspired couples shoots, resulting in some very happy customers.

We have taken quite a lot of shoots for ladies and couples over the past few years and have lots of ideas we can share with you at your shoot but not online. We are also happy to recreate any fantasy shots you have seen before and would like to have your own private version of.  So bring out your PVC, Latex, Rubber and Leather and let your kinkier side run wild. So do not be shy, let us know what you would like either before your shoot or when you are with us and we will be happy to bring out your wicked side.

Just give Jane a call ( she is not easily shocked ) on 01562 747612 and let us create a wonderful boudoir shoot with a touch of the ” 5o shades ” especially for you. The same introductory offer applies, you get the full telephone and pre-shoot consultation – professional makeup and hair by Kay Louise a full one and half hour photoshoot, VIP viewing, a 7″ x 5″ desk portrait and the £5 credit toward any of our Only Boudoir Digital, Little Black Books,  Boudoir Albums, or Wall art. We are proud to have created many, awesome, large framed and canvas black and white wall art peices in the 50 Shades fetish style which are adorning many a bedroom wall.

We will see you now. Laters Baby…..


Seductive Boudoir Photography by Only Boudoir

Our Updated Only Boudoir Website


Our NEW Updated Only Boudoir Website for 2020

We have done so well with our Only Boudoir business over the last 15 years and a lot of that success has been down to the fact that so many people have been attracted to the styles shown in the pictures on our website. We remain extremely grateful to all those lovely ladies who have kindly, throughout the years, allowed us to share their photographs with you.

While we have constantly updated our Only Boudoir Site the internet has continued to move on and we have again just recently for 2020, upgraded our website to work even better on all devices and to display our galleries in a more user-friendly way. This design has gradually evolved with us since 2014 and the site is still serving us very well, with Boudoir now becoming one of the biggest parts of our business.

So here we are in the early part of 2020, the start of a new year and a new decade for us. Here at ” Only Boudoir ” we are keeping up to date with all the latest boudoir photography trends. There is undoubtedly an increasing desire for softly lit, light and bright romantic styles of boudoir while the traditional, classic dark, mysterious and sultry boudoir continues to maintain and even increase in popularity. We are constantly trying new ideas and lighting techniques and look forward to being at the cutting edge of UK boudoir photography for many years to come.