iconic photoshoot recreation

Recreating Iconic Photos and Photoshoots

Over the years we have quite a few clients who have called asking to recreate a favourite iconic boudoir or glamour photograph with them as the model.  We are always more than happy to try and accommodate these unusual and interesting requests whenever we can and we have had great fun in creating very similar shots to the ones requested and incorporating this into a more wide-ranging boudoir shoot so there will be a bigger range of shots to select from.  This is what happened when Jane received a call from Lorraine.

” In 1949 Tom Kelley shot the “Red Velvet” photos of a young Marilyn Monroe for a calendar. These were the only images that she ever posed for in the nude.

So many years later our lovely customer Lorraine called me to ask if I had heard of this iconic shoot and if this was something we could help her with – she was a huge Marilyn fan and had seen her images shot on red velvet and had always promised herself that one day she would organise a shoot like that for herself in honour of her idol Marilyn Monroe.

We were over the moon to be asked to try and recreate such iconic images and all Loraine needed to do was bring along her red velvet and we would do the rest.

The day of the shoot arrived – Lorraine was so lovely, she enjoyed her makeover and with our makeup artist, Kay’s help we created her own kind of Marilyn look complete with the iconic Red nails and Lipstick. We were lucky enough to have the “ Marilyn style white dress ” to start with so Lorraine was able to get used to being in front of the camera. The Iconic red velvet images followed later and all the hard work and effort form everyone really paid off. Lorrain loved her pictures and has kindly let us share a few with you.

We hope you enjoy them xx