Boudoir Photography Bromsgrove

Boudoir Photography Bromsgrove

Only Boudoir for those looking for Boudoir Photography Bromsgrove. We offer amazing boudoir photography here at our custom-built studio just a half-hour away in Kidderminster. We have been shooting Boudoir Photography since 2005 and have had many clients looking for Boudoir Photography from Bromsgrove.

With our awesome introductory offer,  you will have a full telephone phone consultation and pre-shoot consultation about clothes, makeup and styles. There is professional makeup and hair by the highly experienced  Kay Louise, followed by an hour and a half, fully directed from head to toe, Boudoir Photography shoot. Then a few days later we invite you back for your VIP viewing to choose your favourite photographs, we include a 7″ x 5″ Desk Portrait and £50 credit toward any of our Only Boudoir Digital, Little Black Book or  Wall Art selections.

We will create a sensual and sexy look for you and bring out a new you from inside you boosting your confidence and leaving you feeling totally empowered. We offer total but simple direction and you get loads of help with posing and expressions to ensure you get the very best results.

Here at Only Boudoir, we have been shooting Boudoir Photography since 2005 – we have had many customers looking for Boudoir Photography from Bromsgrove, Droitwich and Redditch. With all that experience behind us, we know exactly how to put you at ease and help you get the pictures you really want. We can work our magic with ladies of all sizes and ages – just give our studio manager Jane a call on 01562 747612 and she will be happy to talk you through the process.

So if you are from Bromsgrove and you are looking for Simply Beautiful Boudoir Photography for yourself, as a treat or confidence boost, for your partner or as a gift ( We make special personalised gift vouchers sent straight to your inbox same day to print and give with your card ) give Jane Southall a call today on 01562 747612 ( do it now, don’t put it off any longer ) she will answer all your questions and let us help create a perfect Wedding Day, Valentine’s or Christmas gift album to give to your partner or gentlemen as a gift to your wife or girlfriend.


Recreating Iconic Photos and Photoshoots

Over the years we have quite a few clients who have called asking to recreate a favourite iconic boudoir or glamour photograph with them as the model.  We are always more than happy to try and accommodate these unusual and interesting requests whenever we can and we have had great fun in creating very similar shots to the ones requested and incorporating this into a more wide-ranging boudoir shoot so there will be a bigger range of shots to select from.  This is what happened when Jane received a call from Lorraine.

” In 1949 Tom Kelley shot the “Red Velvet” photos of a young Marilyn Monroe for a calendar. These were the only images that she ever posed for in the nude.

So many years later our lovely customer Lorraine called me to ask if I had heard of this iconic shoot and if this was something we could help her with – she was a huge Marilyn fan and had seen her images shot on red velvet and had always promised herself that one day she would organise a shoot like that for herself in honour of her idol Marilyn Monroe.

We were over the moon to be asked to try and recreate such iconic images and all Loraine needed to do was bring along her red velvet and we would do the rest.

The day of the shoot arrived – Lorraine was so lovely, she enjoyed her makeover and with our makeup artist, Kay’s help we created her own kind of Marilyn look complete with the iconic Red nails and Lipstick. We were lucky enough to have the “ Marilyn style white dress ” to start with so Lorraine was able to get used to being in front of the camera. The Iconic red velvet images followed later and all the hard work and effort form everyone really paid off. Lorrain loved her pictures and has kindly let us share a few with you.

We hope you enjoy them xx


Glamorous Boudoir Photography

We shoot lots and lots of Glamorous Boudoir Photography Shoots throughout the year, with ladies constantly telling us it has been one the most empowering, exciting, liberating and confidence-building experiences they have ever had.

We are the Worcestershire Boudoir Photographers with a long renowned reputation for putting ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages totally at their ease and creating stunning images to look back on for a lifetime. We have been offering beautiful boudoir photography for ladies since 2005 with many ladies travelling from neighbouring counties of Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, Mid Wales, Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Some travel from even further afield.

Everyone has a fabulous time during the style consultation and makeup preparation before their relaxed and professional boudoir photoshoot with me Sammy Southall, I am a fully qualified and highly experienced photographer. I will offer simple and easy to follow head to toe direction and create stunning soft and gentle lighting which will show you at your very best. Your makeup artist will be with you throughout your shoot helping you every step of the way with clothes, shoes, styling and of course your hair and makeup.

Several Midlands studios offer Boudoir photography, Glamour photography in Birmingham, West Midlands, Worcestershire, Staffordshire but few can offer our first class service, friendly approach and professional relaxed atmosphere. Before making your final choice of Boudoir Photography Studio call Jane Southall on 01562 747612 or 07967 716713  you can ask her anything at all about having a boudoir shoot – no question is a silly question – she will be more than happy to talk you through our process and put your mind at rest.

Our Boudoir Photo Session is terrific value for money at £50 and is just a fraction of the true value of the experience, we will, of course, be producing a wide selection of pictures which we hope you will fall in love with and will want to buy. Most ladies tend to spend between £350 and £400 on their final order for albums, wall art, digital files from their Boudoir Photography experience with us and most agreeing that the final results are priceless.

You can choose from a huge selection of frames and canvas options, our boxed ” Little Black Books” as well as Designer Coffee Table Books.  You can also use our interest-free layaway easy payment option.

So if you are from Birmingham, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Worcestershire, Malvern, Redditch, Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Kidderminster or from Hereford and Herefordshire, Mid-Wales, Ludlow or Shropshire you’ll be in good company by choosing us at “Only Boudoir” as your Boudoir Photography studio as many clients have come to us from all of these areas.

We only shoot one client at a time, some ladies want to bring their partners along and we are more than happy to add in some “couples boudoir shots” into your session if that is what you would like. We have always said we will do all we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, look great and feel amazing. Once your Boudoir shoot is over we will edit your images using our natural light airbrushing methods, this helps with blemish removal and offers gentle skin-softening  – we do not believe in body reshaping in photoshop and we certainly won’t make you look like a plastic doll but we will create amazing pictures you will love with no hard sell afterwards – we promise – just pictures you will want to treasure forever.

Give Jane a quick call now on 01562 747612 you’ll be so glad you did.


Boudoir Photography Birmingham 2020

We see many clients from all over Birmingham the West Midlands and Worcestershire all through the year but we get a lot of ladies who book in the summer months as they like the natural look of tanned skin. We have several offers on our Boudoir photography so that you can enjoy the experience without any risk and can choose what you would like to buy from the shoot afterwards. We obviously see a lot of Brides during the summer months but we also see ladies who have been doing extra fitness sessions at the gym and want to create some great images which will capture the shape they have created with all that hard work and effort. So don’t have any doubts about the quality of our work and the experience you will receive, we have been producing amazing Boudoir photography for Birmingham clients for well over 10 years, before that we have been photographing women beautifully since 1998, it was just called Sensual Portraits or plain Glamour Modelling or Photo Noir. There are lots of studios now creating pin-up and boudoir photography and the end result is wonderful art but has little resemblance to real life – we will create wonderful fine art style classical boudoir photography showing you in the best possible light – it’s just simply you but at your sexiest best.

So push your boundaries and come and see how fabulous we can make you look for your own special Boudoir Photography Birmingham Experience.


Only Boudoir White Sheet Sessions

Here at Only Boudoir we are constantly evolving and are once again offering our own special take on Romantic and delicate light and bright ” White Sheet Session ” Boudoir Photography. Book one of these sessions soon to create a special present which will last a lifetime for that special someone in your life, ideal for anniversaries, bridal boudoir, birthdays or Christmas.

Gentlemen, we also create personalised Only Boudoir Gift Vouchers just give us a call and we will talk you through all the various Gift Experience Voucher options from £50.00 to £750. It is the thoughtful special sexy gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. We quickly build trust and confidence with our clients with our fabulous make-up artist creating wonderful look for the shoot and staying with our ladies helping them follow the head to toe direction to create the most stunning of images.

Call Jane on 01562 747612 for details NOW and ask about our latest light and bright Boudoir Photo sessions.

bridal boudoir photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography

So you are getting married in 2020 and have been thinking about a Bridal Boudoir photography Session as a gift for your new husband on his wedding day? Please give yourself as much time as possible, but do not worry if you think you may have left it a bit too late, we will always try our best to fit you in.  Here is a fabulous bridal boudoir solution from Only Boudoir. We regularly have brides travel to see us from all over the Midlands, West Midlands, Birmingham, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire etc so from far and wide and that’s just because they love the style of our photography and the relaxed and friendly way we treat all our lovely clients.

We welcome gorgeous brides of all shapes and sizes and ages. With this very Special Bridal Boudoir offer, we can turn around all your special wedding day gifts in around 10 days from your shoot – you need to book in as early as you can and allow 3 hours for your make up hair and bridal boudoir photoshoot and then an hour or so a few days later to choose your pictures and we will then have everything ready for you within 10 days. We can offer a light bright bridal look or some sexy dark and moody shots – you can wear your bridal lingerie or just your favourite sexy lingerie or a simple white shirt or a sport shirt belonging to our partner.

So even if it’s a last-minute Bridal Boudoir present we will probably be able to help – if you have any questions ( and no question is a silly question ) just call Jane on 01562 747612 and let us help you give your groom the surprise of his life! We will give all your pictures our superb post production light and natural airbrushing and we will produce pictures you will both want to treasure forever. So stop thinking about it and start your simple relaxed and easy Bridal Boudoir experience today by giving Jane a call on 01562 747612. 


Boudoir Photography for Couples

We always seem to have more and more couples every year who call up asking for some sexy, black and white couples portraiture and in the last couple of years many more requests for couples Boudoir shoots, sometimes with a bit of a Risque edge to them and they are all welcome.  These couples shoots are sometimes as an engagement shoot, a birthday treat for anniversaries etc but sometimes it just a celebration of the couples themselves wanting to capture the sexier and sensual side of their personalities. For couples looking for couples boudoir photography in Birmingham, the West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire Herefordshire, Mid Wales or Shropshire we are the perfect choice of a relaxed and friendly boudoir studio where you will soon be at ease to be able to create the intimate shots you will treasure.

We have taken these couples boudoir shoots with couples of all ages from 20 to 60 – we have also had ladies who have been to us for a boudoir shoot and return with their husband or boyfriend wanting a similar style of sexy boudoir shoot but to incorporate their Boyfriend or Husband in half the shots.

We love working with light sculpting to capture the real emotion between couples and our “Boudoir for Couples” Couples boudoir photography shoots are a perfect way to create a wonderful special memory which will keep alive this amazing feeling between you.

Most couples coming along for a couples boudoir shoot are looking for albums that capture this special time in their lives or some large pieces of framed or canvas wall-art to adorn their bedroom walls. We have had quite a lot of couples who have selected a coffee table album of their Boudoir Photography for couples shoot and several couples who have been to us three times or more. So there is a definite benefit to Couples Boudoir which extends a lot further than the studio.

Most shots we create for couples are very much for their eyes only but we do have a few brave men you have allowed us to share a little of their couples boudoir shoot with you but expect them to be very much in the shadows. For more information out our couples boudoir shoots just call Jane Southall on 01562 747612 ( Do it NOW don’t put it off any longer ) she will be happy to take you through the various possibilities we can help you with.


Boudoir Photography West Midlands

So you have found us while looking for Boudoir Photography West Midlands.  Welcome to ” Only Boudoir ” we are based just over in Kidderminster, We are Jane and Sam of Sammy Southall Photography and we have a lovely friendly and professional Boudoir Studio. We are a small friendly team who along with our fabulous makeup artist and hairstylist Kay have worked together for many years, we have actually been doing Boudoir Photography here for over 15 years and every year it is just getting more and more popular.

We are experts at putting you at your ease, at making you feel great and look fantastic. We know that most ladies who choose this of Boudoir Photoshoot are a bit out of their comfort zone but we will quickly build up your confidence and offer fabulous direction all through your photo shoot to help get the pictures and expressions you want. After your boudoir shoot, we carefully edit your images adding a little light but awesome gentle airbrushing, before inviting you back to see your images on our large viewing screens.

If you are looking for a gift for Boyfriend, Fiance or Husband, for a confidence boost for yourself or a small album of wonderful memories for you to keep and cherish forever give Jane a call on 01562 747612 and see why so many people Choose Only Boudoir for their Boudoir Photography in the West Midlands.


Boudoir Photoshoot West Midlands

I have included here a few of my Black and White Boudoir Photography Shots – we call it a Boudoir Noir style shot as they were inspired by those wonderfully lit, late-night french art-house movies. I think the movie lighting used by those French Art house movie directors is so emotional, moving and moody it gives the pictures a real depth and attitude – and as Boudoir is the french for a ladies bedroom it seems perfectly fitting – hope you like them too.

boudoir photograhy west midlands

Bridal Boudoir Photography 2020

Every year we see an increasing number of brides of all ages choosing to create a very special, intimate gift for their husband to be to give him on their wedding day. A small boudoir album is a perfect gift to give on your wedding day and a wonderful book of memories to last a lifetime. It is a good idea to get booked up and get your boudoir album pictures done as soon as you can so you are not having to rush near the big day, that said we have managed to get the shoot, viewing and book production completed in just 2 weeks but that is pushing things just a bit. Some girls want some shots in their veil and wedding lingerie, some just prefer a sexy lingerie set or two and some more daring implied nude.  The choice is yours many also want to include something personal that belongs to their man, a football or rugby shirt, an overall or motorbike jacket, chefs whites, we have seen them all and always welcome your ideas and we love a challenge. So if you are getting married in 2020 and you live in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, West Midlands Birmingham or Warwickshire come and join the 100’s of Brides who have entrusted us with their bridal boudoir photography to create a unique wedding memento like no other.  Call Jane Southall at Only Boudoir on 01562 747612 and find out how we can help you create a beautiful bridal boudoir wedding gift album for your BIG day.

5o Shades Inspired Boudoir

Fifty Shades of Grey Boudoir Photography

The phenomenon which has been Fifty Shades of Grey has been something lot’s of our clients have been talking about these last few years and they have said that they and all their friends have read all the books in the fabulously successful “Fifty Shades of Grey” Trilogy and have been comparing notes.

We have also had quite a lot of ladies who have wanted to add more than a few ” Fifty Shades of Grey” inspired shots into their Boudoir sessions – often towards the end of their shoot when they had become completely relaxed, comfortable and confident with us and then they mentioned they would love a few 50 shades style shots for their man.

So if you fancy including some fetish style ” 50 shade style shots ” with blindfolds, Handcuffs, Wrist cuffs, some lovely soft black or red rope, some silk and lace restraints there is no longer any need to feel shy, as E L James book has become the best selling book in Britain since records began, you certainly will not be alone in asking to include some bondage or fetish style shots into your Boudoir session.

We will use wonderful soft and sensual lighting and can even create fantastic fantasy “Fifty Shades” wall art. So let us help you push your boundaries and get exactly what you want.


Fifty Shades of Grey Boudoir Photography

So if you would like a 50 Shades of Grey Fetish Boudoir photoshoot In Birmingham, West Midlands Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Mid-Wales Gloucestershire or Shropshire we are just a call away. Some ladies bring their own blindfolds, masks paddles and crops handcuffs etc or you are more than welcome to use ours. First, on the day of your shoot there is a pre-shoot consultation about clothes, makeup hairstyling and the style and content of the images you would like to create.

It is very helpful if you can create a Pinterest mood board of the shots you would like to make your own and we can see clearly what you would like to achieve. Kay Louise your makeup artist will be with you throughout your shoot to help with hair makeup cuffs and chains!! you will have an amazing one and a half-hour photoshoot and with our introductory offer, you get your VIP viewing a 7″ x 5″ desk Image and £50 credit toward any of our Only Boudoir Digital, Album or wall art selections.

We will always put you at ease and make sure you are relaxed, comfortable and that you are having lots of fun when creating your fantasy images. You can choose a full ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” Boudoir Photography shoot or this style can be an add on as an extra element to our contemporary Boudoir Style Shoots or can have just a few shots at the end of your shoot – it’s entirely up to you.

We have a wide range of blindfolds, cuffs, ropes, chains and collars and of course, you are more than welcome to bring along any extra props you fancy us using to photography you with.

So here we go, call Jane Southall today ( don’t put it off any longer ) making that call will be easier than you think when you start chatting with Jane, she is passionate about our Boudoir Photography and will be able to quickly put you at your ease and let you know how easy the whole process can be. You will find these shoots to be so empowering an amazing boost to your confidence and a real joy to look back on.